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Why Do Christian Women Need Apologetics Training?

Traditionally apologetics has been a discipline dominated by godly, vocal men. Even now, apologetics is often perceived as men debating on stage. But believe it or not women have a unique place in God’s kingdom work through apologetics. Here’s how.

Apologetics is not only helpful for us as believers to respond to unbelievers but to strengthen our own faith. My college years were pretty miserable. My professors taught views views diametrically opposed to everything I believed. They said humans were innately good, Darwinian evolution explained the development of all living things, and that tolerance required us to accept others’ beliefs as just as valid. All the biblical knowledge I had so diligently learned under the teaching of godly pastors and my parents while growing up was viewed as the product of magical thinking and indoctrination. The problem was that while I knew what I believed, those beliefs stood at odds with what seemed to be reasonable assertions and evidence to the contrary. I became very anxious and dreaded my classes, especially nursing, psychology, and philosophy (I dropped philosophy after three weeks and never returned.) I was desperate to find  answers to these challenges, knowing if I didn’t find them, I would have to choose to accept Christianity as true in complete opposition to all the evidence to the contrary. My yearning to understand led me to Josh McDowell’s Evidence that Demands a Verdict, and there began my journey into apologetics where I found that the evidence for Christianity was overwhelming.

You, too, as a Christian woman, can learn how apologetics can strengthen your own faith, and help you respond confidently to the questions and objections raised by family, friends, and co-workers.

Mission and Ministries Update: Kitale, Kenya August 2010

We (our daughter Emily, Randy, and Tricia) headed to Kitali, Kenya, August 3-11, 2010. We all love missions, sharing about who Jesus Christ is and loving on people all over the world. But though Randy has headed up the Hickory Grove Baptist Christian High School senior mission trip for several years and Emily and Tricia have taken their own mission trips to Africa, this is the first time we went as a threesome to Africa. Pastor Jonathan of Lord’s Servants Ministries who has been integral in establishing and maintaining the orophanage served as our contact and really set a fire in our hearts when he visited Charlotte and shared about the needs he encounters everyday.

The Lord Jesus is at work in Kenya through many believers. We get to add our names to that list and are thankful. Randy worked on construction of a covered shed at the orphanage where the children could sit and do work at tables when it rained, and Tricia taught pastors and their wives how to share their faith through chronological Bible storying and apologetics, and also how to build their marriages. Emily loved on the children. 

Tricia received a valuable gift from one dear Kenyan lady, a live chicken. This is a traditional sacrificial African gift and Tricia cherished it when she considered that someone gave her what they themselves would have been a feast for supper. Tricia provided a gift to the pastors, storying cloths that have 42 pictures representing 42 Bible stories in chronological order to help pastors know and share God’s Story.