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Tricia Scribner

Tricia Scribner is a Christian apologist who teaches and writes about evidences for the Christian faith. Tricia is the author of LifeGivers Apologetics: Women Designed and Equipped to Share Reasons for the Hope Within and its companion study guide, and co-author of Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor, Seeking Wisdom: Preparing Yourself to be Mentored, Passion for Purpose: 365 Daily Devotions for Missional Living, Major Truths from the Minor Prophets, and A Month of Miracles.


Women Doing Apologetics: Why Women and Why Now?

I just returned from speaking in the Women in Apologetics Conference at Biola in La Mirada, California. What I enjoyed most was interacting with several hundred women who were passionate about learning and sharing the rational reasons for our hope in Jesus Christ....

From Godless to the Gospel in About an Hour

From Godless to the Gospel 11-16-19 I spoke at Colson Fellows district meeting today, sharing a systematic framework for understanding the logical progression of evidences for the Christian Faith which starts with providing evidence for the existence of objective...

What About Those Who’ve Never Heard?

The question of what happens to those who have never heard the gospel message after they die is a question that concerns both Christians and non-Christians alike. If they go to hell, it seems as though God is unfair. After all, they never had the opportunity to...

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LifeGivers Apologetics

Why women are designed to be apologists.

Woman to Woman

Preparing Yourself to Mentor (co-author)

A Passion for Purpose

365 Daily Devotions for Missional Living (contributor)

A Month of Miracles

Month-long devotional (contributor)